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Stantive Technologies Group is a Salesforce Platinum Innovation Partner and is revolutionizing the content management industry. Stantive’s OrchestraCMS is the only content and digital experience platform (DXP) built 100% native on the world’s leading customer success platform — Salesforce.

OrchestraCMS helps Salesforce customers create compelling digital experiences for their customers, partners, and employees; uniquely combining content with business data, processes, and applications across any digital channel or device including Salesforce Communities, social media, portals, intranets, websites, applications and services.

Stantive customers are supported by a robust ecosystem of certified OrchestraCMS partners. OrchestraCMS also has a rich set of APIs to enable development of custom solutions, third-party integrations and deliver digital transformation initiatives on the Salesforce platform helping customers drive deeper engagement and collaboration, increase efficiency and minimize risk.


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Meet Our Leadership Team


Doug Girvin 
Founder, Chairman & CEO


Susan Robbins Parsons 
Chief Financial Officer


Dan Schatz
 Vice President Services & Customer Experience


Paul Levia
Vice President Human Resources


Dean Hanna
Regional Vice President - APAC

The Digital Experience Platform and Its Role in Digital Transformation Whitepaper by Stantive Technologies Group
The Digital Experience Platform and Its Role in Digital Transformation

Learn about the essence of digital transformation, primacy of the customer, and the evolution of content management systems (CMS)