Stantive Technologies Group

Our Story

Stantive Technologies Group is a Salesforce Platinum ISV Partner and is revolutionizing the content management industry. Stantive’s OrchestraCMS empowers Fortune 1000 customers across the globe to create, manage and publish content dynamically in a fraction of the time it takes using a legacy content management system (CMS).

OrchestraCMS is a CMS developed 100% native on the Salesforce AppCloud. OrchestraCMS leverages Salesforce data, infrastructure and security to enable custom user interfaces, dynamic user experiences and personalized content across digital channels including Salesforce Communities, social media, portals, intranets, websites, applications, and services.

Stantive customers are supported by a robust ecosystem of certified OrchestraCMS partners. OrchestraCMS also has a rich set of APIs to enable development of custom solutions, third-party integrations and deliver digital transformation initiatives on the Salesforce platform.