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The Road to Lightning

Douglas Girvin
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Over the past eight years, Salesforce customers have hand coded millions of VisualForce pages, while others have turned to OrchestraCMS from Stantive to enable business users to create and manage dynamic portals, intranets and public websites with real time VisualForce page creation and highly personalized web experiences.


During the past year, Salesforce has announced Lightning and Communities, which provide a next generation capability to create rich user interfaces and deliver them through a central page template management system.  While there is a strong recognition that the transition from VisualForce to Lightning will be gradual and require the natural maturation of the new technology, the challenge for customers deploying new Portals and Social Intranets using the new Communities licenses, how we deliver the requirements we have today for a great user experience, enhanced engagement and financial benefits, while ensuring that we're ready for Lightning as it matures.


Our customers have built robust portals, intranets and public sites on OrchestraCMS, the worlds enterprise class Content Management System (CMS) built 100% native on Salesforce. Unlike traditional CMS', OrchestraCMS is fully integrated into the world's leading Cloud Business Platform - Salesforce. For customers, all of the power of Salesforce is extended seamlessly to all web - and soon many other - channels. Our customers include some of the largest companies in the world, as well as high growth mid-market companies. OrchestraCMS manages the world’s largest intranet with over 1.7M employees accessing it over 130M time per month. With our roots in VisualForce, we created the same component and template get system now emerging in Lightning based Communities.


As Lightning and Communities matures, our customers merely render their sites into Communities with nothing more than templates needed to complete the migration from VisualForce to Lightning. For customers not using OrchestraCMS, they will require a complete re-implementation as there is no migration from VisualForce to Lightning. To OrchestraCMS, a Lightning based Community is nothing more than a new location to render an existing site. Migration can be completed in days rather than many months, cost much less and protect our customers investments as they move into a Lightning enabled future.


Connect with us and we'll show you how to move your current VisualForce investment away from hard coded pages and into an OrchestraCMS managed solution. We can also show you how that solution can be delivered in VisualForce today and Lightning tomorrow.

At Stantive, we've been ensuring our customers success for over 20 years. Let us show you the Road to Lightning like you never thought possible!