Your Social Intranet

OrchestraCMS unifies communications, content and data into a meaningful, collaborative social intranet experience.
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Generate dynamic content and integrate existing Salesforce data. 

Publish visually rich pages without web development expertise. 

Submit content using a simple web form.


Access your intranet from anywhere on any device. 

Sign in to a single platform to access information and connect with colleagues. 

Control access to content, and engage the right people with the right content at the right time. 


Create conversations that matter, powered by Salesforce Chatter. 

Use approval workflows established in Salesforce to control content publishing. 

Build secure communities where teams can share relevant information.

OrchestraCMS: Infinitely Native On Salesforce

Integrate Salesforce applications, data and processes with your custom-branded social intranet. 

Use a single login to access your social intranet from anywhere, on any device.

Benefit from the robust security and proven cloud infrastructure of Salesforce. 


Content access controls govern who can see what content based on user profiles and groups. 

Employees that belong to a specific role, team or region can share information securely. 

Employees can subscribe to preferred content

Configurable Chatter

Configure Chatter feed features and actions.

Add Chatter feeds to pages and content to drive conversations that matter. 

Present trending topics as a list or tag cloud.


Simple content management with OrchestraCMS means you can create content and pages without web development expertise. 

Engage employees in content creation via easy web-form submission. 

Salesforce approval workflows enable your content publishing process.

Engage your employees with your social intranet: the collaborative platform that connects content with context.